Throughout my career, first in commercial sales and later in marketing, what I have always been most inspired by are the amazing stories behind business. I love the dirt under the fingernails, the lamplight of the midnight oil, the worn notebook with ideas and plans. In these stories, I see God’s gifts blessing the world through each individual’s work and vision.

So in 2013, I gathered together a team of seasoned professionals with the goal of honoring our clients’ work through marketing. We believe that by helping B2B companies grow and serve their customers at a higher level, we can create a domino effect in the business world of mastery, truth and growth.

Every day, we strive to ignite the mind, stir the spirit and penetrate the heart during business hours.

As a successful sales professional, business builder and writer, I know the formula for connecting to an audience. Simply put, my team members are masters of message. We’ve built strategic tools around the psychology of the business decision-maker. But we are not satisfied to play only at the conceptual level. We do not compromise on execution. We can talk the talk and walk the walk. Our methods can be transformative.

Work with us to elevate your brand and spread your message. Let us help you change the game. If you’re ready, you can contact me personally.


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