As a successful commercial roofer, the team at BRI Roofing prides itself on having very high standards of ethics and safety for their employees, as well as for the risk and insurance concerns of their customers. But in a market crowded with competitors with less-than-stellar reputations, they were having trouble getting sales meetings and winning new business. They had a difficult time communicating their differences in a meaningful way. With their primary business being seasonal and very low margin, sales had been flat for over four years.


To establish their reputation as the premier contractor in North Texas, we conducted workshops to hone new messaging and launched new branding and a website.


After the rebranding, sales grew $6 million in the subsequent two years. The company was able to use their new influence to lobby legislators for stronger laws supporting roofing contractors. The owner was approached by a large competitor who wanted to buy the company. He accepted the offer and is now sailing in the Caribbean.

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