Fibergrate is a global company that manufactures fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) gratings and railings. These products make up a very small percentage of capital improvement or construction budgets. And FRP also faced low awareness among key decision makers as a viable option versus more traditional materials. So, getting the attention of busy decision makers was difficult. Fibergrate wanted to build awareness and expand adoption of its products for new applications, but they struggled with a complicated value proposition. They also faced a market shift towards commoditization due to several low-price, overseas competitors.


Bridging the gap between marketing and sales was critical to increasing their visibility and telling a resonant story. Through a series of strategic development workshops, we helped Fibergrate clarify their buyer personas and develop a more emotionally resonant messaging strategy that spoke straight to the heart of their top decision makers’ goals and challenges. With this strong foundation in place, we introduced a new tagline and mission statement, branding, a PR campaign, a website refresh, videos, and sales decks.


Fibergrate is now able to use tracking to segment online behavior between their key buyer personas and is seeing results in penetrating their most elusive markets. The company has achieved their growth goals and are continuing to improve their focused efforts to battle commoditization.

We engaged Blender to help us connect our marketing to our sales teams’ efforts. Blender guided our team through strategic workshops and created a campaign to promote the new mission statement we developed during those sessions. Unlike some other experiences, Blender quickly exhibited a deep grasp of our business. Our collaboration with Blender is moving our team from tactical to strategic. I would highly recommend Blender to any company looking to move their brand, their sales, and their communication with the market to the next level.

Eric Breiner

President, Fibergrate Composite Structures

Keller, TX | (817) 851-5145