Thompson Pipe Group – Flowtite Webinar



Fiberglass reinforced polymer (FRP) was widely adopted globally, but consulting engineers in the U.S. were risk averse to this “new technology.” The product was only approved in  30% of specifications, which meant they couldn’t even bid on most projects. The market needed education on the product, but their competitor was only doing a small amount of brand marketing. Thompson Pipe Group most effective tactic was a “lunch-and-learn” series conducted by the sales team that educated prospects about the product in a 1-to-1 fashion.


To steal market share not just from their direct competitor, but also from other pipe materials, we established Thompson Pipe Group as a thought leader in the industry through a series of articles and webinars – both backed by a media buy. The webinars included guest speakers from client companies who answered questions about their experiences with the product.


Each webinar had between 300-600 registrants, which optimized the content of their previous 1-to-1 lunch-and-learns to a more effective 1-to-many model. Adoption via spec penetration increased from 30% to over 80% market wide in less than 12 months – without  adding any additional sales people.

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