Great advertising gets attention and results.

Advertising is how successful companies reach the masses to generate awareness.

It is about attracting attention, not educating or selling. A great ad is a doorway your target wants to walk through, not a lecture they’re forced to sit through.

Your ad must catch the eye and deliver a clear, compelling message that piques curiosity. A bland ad is a huge waste of money. Flip through any trade publication and ask yourself, “Which of these ads are actually interesting, and how many are just filler?” An intriguing ad is your opportunity to rise above your competition.

The four things you must know to run effective advertising.

  • Bland ads are a waste of money. We can’t stress this enough. If your ad is boring, it will be ignored.
  • Go where your prospects go. A smart media plan finds your audience where they’re already looking for information, inspiration and entertainment. To introduce and reinforce your message, meet them where they are.
  • Include a strong and trackable call to action. Your ad should be the beginning of a conversation, so tell them what to do next. Give them a clear reason to go to a dedicated web page where you can track how many people visit the page and gather contact info from those who engage.
  • Consistency over the long term is the only path to success. Don’t underinvest. If you want to be a premier player in your industry, you can’t afford to ignore building your reputation.

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The unbeatable one-two punch: advertising + public relations.

Adding public relations to the mix can amplify your message exponentially. The third-party endorsement of being featured in a reputable publication proves your expertise. It’s an effective way to educate your audience and position yourself as a thought leader in your industry.

You have to break through the clutter.

The media landscape is saturated. We are bombarded by ads every day. With so much sensory overload, It’s no wonder that the average attention span is only 8.25 seconds.

  • People are exposed to over 5,000 brand communications per day, on average
  • Average number of traditional ad exposures per day: 362
  • Average number of ads that penerate awareness per day: 86
  • Average number of ads that make an impression per day: 12

How can you be sure that your ad is one of the few that breaks through and connects? That’s where we come in.

Why work with Blender?

  • Our expertise in sales and marketing alignment means we know how to get attention while maintaining the integrity of your brand and messaging.

  • We don’t make false promises. It takes time to build an ROI case for advertising, but it is doable, and it is crucial for growth.

  • We save our clients from wasting money on ineffective advertising.

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The right message at the right time

“Blender goes the extra mile to understand our industry and our business model. They are proactive in planning, tracking and reporting. As our goals and initiatives change, they always stay on top of launching the right message at the right time.”

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