Are you spending money on advertising and publicity?

They’re a critical one-two punch for any company making the leap to the next level. They’re both vital parts of staying top-of-mind, but trade publications often contain evidence of a rather lackluster approach. Advertising for manufacturers tends to be heavily product oriented; but a bland ad won’t move the needle on sales, because it simply blends into the background and remains unnoticed. To maximize that spend, you must analyze your target audience and tailor your message to ensure that it really propels the sales conversation forward.

It’s critical to understand where advertising lives in the decision-making pathway and sales cycle. For new products or market entries, the goal of advertising is to gain attention and help hit the eight impressions needed to earn a position in the audience’s minds — to establish yourself as a viable option and provide your sales team with an introduction.

We’ll collaborate with you to develop the right strategy and messaging. We’ll manage the full media review to ensure that your spend matches your goals, and we’ll develop campaigns that get you noticed and remembered.

When you add public relations to the mix, a third-party endorsement can amplify your message exponentially. Great PR is much more than writing a few press releases.

Take a look at your competitors. What do their ads look like? Do you read about them in the business journals? Are they publishing LinkedIn articles or posting attention-grabbing tweets? If so, you’d better be sure you’re doing better, making more noise, creating more impressions; if not, then you have a marvelous window of opportunity to lead the pack and grab the conversation before they do.

If your audience is risk-averse and difficult to reach, if case studies are important in your industry, then we need to talk. We can help you cut through the clutter, gather new interest and excitement, show your potential customers what’s special about your brand and your products or services.

Whether you are considering online advertising, publicity, or advertising in trade publications, be sure your message addresses the needs of your target audience.

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