Go big or don’t go.

Trade shows are a tried-and-true tactic, but too often just feel tired.

You don’t necessarily need the biggest or flashiest booth, but an outstanding experience is a must. Trade shows are expensive, so you also need to invest time and attention to maximize your ROI. Creating a feeling of “wow” will ensure that you are talked about and remembered. So go big on your planning, prep and impact, or just stay home.

But everybody else is doing it.

Being there just because everyone else is there is a waste of time and money.

  • Exhibitions make up to 40% of B2B marketing budgets.
  • 68% of B2B marketers believe that events are their most effective channel for generating qualified leads.
  • Yet, just 6% of marketers believe their company does an excellent job of converting trade show leads into customer business.

This big disconnect is a huge opportunity. Don’t waste it.

The real show is before and after the show.

You must have a pre- and post-event plan to be effective. Period. Reach out before the event with a teaser or invitation that sparks curiousity. Then live up to your own hype at the event with a unforgettable experience and valuable conversations. Most importantly, follow up on every single contact. Nurture your leads by leveraging technology to qualify, track and correlate results.

Why work with Blender?

  • We are B2B trade show specialists. We attend them, walk them, speak at them, build experiences for them and sell them. We know what it takes to stand out.

  • We keep up with the latest technology and trends, so you don’t have to.

  • By integrating your trade show planning and outcomes with your other marketing efforts, we help maximize the value of your entire spend.

  • Our proven training and best-practices support are at your disposal.

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A presence and follow up that drives results

“Blender turned our trade show goals into a reality. We now have a great presence and great follow up with prospects. Plus, our competitors booths looked old and tired in comparison. The results are better than I could’ve expected!”

Chief Operating Officer, Mid South Roller  —