Ready to stop wasting money on trade shows and drive new business? Let’s talk about B2B trade show marketing & ROI.

Trade shows are expensive and nothing gets us more fired up than wasted money and wasted opportunity.

See for yourself in this video:

Not only is there the cost of the sponsorship, but also travel, shipping, booth design, printing, promotional products and entertainment costs.

So what’s the upside?

Meeting prospects in person is an outstanding opportunity.

No arguments there.

It’s a great opportunity to get in front of illusive decision makers, but if you haven’t put in the preparation and marketing to convert interest into inquiry, you might as well tell your sales team to stay home.

Trade shows give you the opportunity to set the stage and play the game on your turf, but all too often, a lack of planning steals the show instead. You have to put in the time and preparation to maximize what you’re spending and to drive actionable leads and sales conversations at those shows. Without the proper up-front planning, you’re wasting money at every trade show you sponsor or exhibit.

There’s a much better and more profitable way to work your trade show investment:

Transform your next trade show from marketing expense to profitable investment with measurable results.

  • STAND OUT from the Crowd with Non-Boring Booth Design and Experience Design
  • Improve Your Event Promotion and Follow Up
  • Discover New Conversion and Tracking Opportunities
  • Learn How to Script the Sales Conversations

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