an actionable marketing plan that's strategic and realistic in objectives and tactics

STRATEGIC MARKETING OBJECTIVES – Create a smart, actionable marketing plan that works for your business

If you have a hunch that improving your marketing could improve your sales, you need to listen to it.

But where do you start? Right here is a great place:

Do B2B Companies Need a Marketing Plan?

You may have asked yourself if your company actually needs a marketing plan?

After all, sales efforts are what have garnered your success so far.

Let us shoot straight with you.

  1. You don’t need a plan
  2. You need to plan.

Most traditional marketing plans are painful to create, suck the excitement out of marketing, and never get read or updated.

It’s a lifeless thing.

Planning (the act), however, helps to make sure you are not just throwing time and money against the wall to see what sticks.

You need agreement from all decision-making leaders about what marketing can and should do.

Create agreement around the:

  • Goal
  • Main challenge
  • Audience you want to speak to
  • Budget

From there, you can use our simple approach to map where your marketing dollars need to go. The approach and pre-agreement can help you avoid chasing squirrels (projects that don’t support bottom-line objectives), wasting money, and the frustration that comes from not launching marketing initiatives in a timely manner.

How to Write a B2B Marketing Plan in Five Minutes

Writing a B2B marketing plan can be an overwhelming proposition. How do you know that marketing can improve sales? In the B2B world, the answers aren’t always obvious.

So, we’ve developed a simple but powerful cheater’s guide.

Ready to learn how to write a B2B marketing plan in five minutes?

We thought so.

We will probably catch flack for this from our peers, but here goes:

Instead of committing yourself to creating a monstrous marketing plan and strategy, take the shortcut.

The following method is deceivingly simple, yet effective as hell.

Use your sales cycle to map out where to put your marketing dollars.

Start by asking yourself these questions:

  • Do you need more leads?
  • Are you struggling with educating your audience about your product or service?
  • Do you need help edging out the competition in the final hours to close the deal?

This method is a much simpler and more usable way to create a marketing plan that will drive growth.

How to Map a B2B Marketing Plan

Our strategic approach helps you to spend your marketing dollars in a smarter way that will help drive sales.

Let’s get started!

Grab your pencil & paper and click play for the first video in our four-part series.

  • VIDEO 1: Mixing Marketing into the Sales Cycle
  • VIDEO 2: Generate Interest with marketing in the sales cycle
  • VIDEO 3: Build Trust with Marketing in your Sales Cycle
  • VIDEO 4: Close the Deal faster with Marketing