The best B2B strategies show you exactly how to achieve your goals.

Blender’s strategy development is simple. Create a foundation to drive results through a customer-centric approach and identify your Incomparable Advantage. Through workshops, research, or a combination of both, we’ll map and align your sales cycle to your marketing plan. You’ll clarify your vision, mission, positioning, sales strategies, ROI formula, and marketing plan. The magic is in the mix!

Sales & Marketing Alignment

Marketing success is not solely dependent on the money you spend or the systems you put in place. Driving visibility and qualified leads are essential, but if misalignment exists between your sales staff and your marketing tactics, your entire business development investment will be wasted. Blender offers a variety of solutions from messaging choreography, persuasive communication training, sales automation in your CRM, lead-scoring, workshops, , and sales mapping to maximize and document your path to revenue acceleration. If marketing isn’t helping you sell more, what’s the point?

Sales Mapping

Let’s be honest. Technical sales cycles are not for the faint of heart. Whether you’re in the O/E/C environment, selling to CIO’s, serving a highly specialized industry like water or energy, or selling through distributors, messaging and moving the needle for these markets is complicated. Because sales cycles are long and sophisticated for business-to-business organizations, it’s imperative that you customize your message to all of your audiences AND create consistency across sales and marketing to build trust faster, stop wasting money, and speed up the time to a close. 

Marketing & Brand Strategies

There is no other business on the planet that has the same experience, point of view, process, culture, and product that you do. You are perfectly unique, but instead of looking internally, many B2B organizations use their competitors’ messaging and branding as a baseline, which creates a sea of sameness. Your brand should represent your truth. One of our core strengths is helping you define your Incomparable Advantage. When you intersect your Incomparable Advantage with your customers’ point of view, you can set the new standard for buying criteria and position your company as the one to beat.

Marketing Plan

You need to plan for success and clearly outline how to leverage your Incomparable Advantage. In other words, you need a written marketing plan to clearly outline your campaign goals, key milestones, promotion channels, and budgets. Our experience with B2B industries ensures your marketing plan is robust yet adaptable. We know how to optimize technology, create real-time data transparency, maximize your media buy, and creativity put every dollar to work to achieve your full potential.

Content Marketing Strategy

Great social media content informs, entertains, and inspires. Content marketing builds your online presence by advancing credibility and trust in your business. Blender helps define, focus, delivery and manage amazing content that is easy to find, inspires your target to take action.

Mission & Vision Development

While we all want growth, most of us seek meaning, legacy, impact, and fulfilling culture in our business lives, as well. Planting your flag and defining your company vision, mission, and core values gives you the North Star needed to align everyone’s attention and behavior. Our mission and vision workbooks, masterminds, and webinars serve over 100,000 people per year. Our team can help clarify and bring your values and vision to life through a series of interactive workshops with execution plans with your executive team in an inspiring and eye-opening collaboration.

Digital Technology Integration & Alignment

Effective use of technology, digital marketing, and data insights are non-negotiable in today’s marketplace. B2B buyer are pushing sellers further out of the sales cycle and controlling the pre-purchase research to set their own buying criteria, while online branding (or lack of it) dictates your market position relative to your competitors. Without a clear and vibrant digital strategy, you’re missing insights and trends, while opting out of the online conversations defining the modern B2B engagement. What’s selling for you when you’re not in the room? We’ll help you answer this question and demystify Big Data and the myriad of technology choices and platforms.

Distributor Relationship Optimization

Many of our clients sell to or through distribution partnerships, but building a strategy to optimize and motivate these third-party sellers while creating marketplace demand can be complicated. But your most significant opportunity for both short and long term gains often hides inside of these relationships. We have helped develop many exciting and unique ways to increase sales through these channels and would love to help you attain priority status in your distributors’ businesses too.

What you actually get.

  • Marketing Plans
  • Fractional CMO Services
  • Buyer Persona Reports and Targeting
  • Messaging Strategy and Choreography
  • Mission, Vision, Value Development
  • Sales Mapping
  • Communication Training
  • Presentation Coaching
  • Public Speaking Training
  • Technology Integration
  • Distributor Relationship Optimization
  • Keynotes and Workshops

Digital Content, Campaigns & Automation

To communicate effectively, you need content marketing. It’s how you take your potential buyers on a journey of awareness, create excitement, and close the deal. Your social media, website, and digital tools all serve as validation that you are the expert that can solve their problem.

Brand Development

Inspiring visuals and engaging voice. That is the essence delivered through a strategic rebrand. In the age where your brand is stretched across more digital and physical platforms, it is more important than ever to establish your value and position. Regardless of your industry, your brand identity needs to adapt, be inspiring and look really, really great.

Our most powerful tool to transform your marketing.

In an intensive, collaborative series of workshops, we’ll get into the minds of your ideal customers, document your entire prospecting and sales process, uncover the unique heart and differentiation of your company, and script the optimal messaging framework for each buyer persona.

We’ll ask the questions you haven’t considered, uncover the hard truths and experience a few revelations. It’s all designed to get at the core of what makes you amazing and how to leverage your unique story to sell more.

The Marketing Blender process

The right message for the right audience

“We’re a global company and have expanded into new markets. Blender has helped us to match our message to the tone and needs of each unique culture and audience. We’ve been very pleased with the results and the response we’ve gotten from the market.”

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