B2B Digital Marketing Can Help You Heighten Your Visibility Online.

With the right marketing strategy, your efforts will produce a powerful return. Let’s look at why.

When it comes to B2B digital marketing online, we find two main groups: The skeptics and the believers. If you’re already engaged in blogs and social media: congratulations, you can skip the section that follows.

First, the skeptics:

  • I’m skeptical of blogging and social media
  • It’s all marketing voodoo
  • I’m looking for more direct sales impact

Understand that your buyer is fully connected to all the relevant information channels. She checks the trade journals, she reads the blogs, she uses search engines and news feeds to stay fully informed about her industry and all the opportunities out there.

She integrates the impressions she receives of your brand and company with those she gets offline from your sales executive. It’s all part of one cohesive experience. The digital content simply supplements the sales conversation.

Don’t believe us? A study of 10,000 decision makers showed that 57% of B2B buyers found their way to a decision before ever speaking with a sales rep. Their information comes to them online. Either you want to play in the sandbox, or you’re happy to stand on the side and watch your competitors edge you out.

This video explains how this works.

B2B digital marketing online is how you differentiate and walk the walk. It’s how you use your knowledge to serve and educate your decision-makers about how to make the best decision for their company. If you aren’t part of the conversation, you’re well on the way to becoming irrelevant.

Next, the believers:

  • I get the importance of social media
  • How do I turn blogs and articles into sales?
  • Which channels should I focus on?

We LOVE talking to companies who are already on the content marketing journey. Bravo! Now let’s talk about where we go from here and how to win at this strategy.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the “how”. Establishing a blog, publishing an article, or a YouTube video, or posting on LinkedIn becomes the goal. This is a great place to start, and we applaud you for getting into the digital content world. But the true goal is to educate your buyer, convey your message and move them to the close.

Segmenting your audience and outlining a content pathway is the key. If you have a content team in-house, we can help them refine the audience strategy and customize the core message. Supplementing their strengths for content creation and hosting workshops for your team can transform your efforts and help create a dynamic system for constant improvement. We help you by ensuring that your content is maximizing your sales team’s efforts and expanding the relationship with additional, powerful touch points.

How can you create the best return on your digital marketing investment? Which channels are best for you and your brand? Where are your buyers going and what are their expectations? Are you using channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube to your best advantage? We can help you develop answers to these questions and build a solid understanding of how your online content works together with your other marketing activities.

Begin with a marketing audit with one of our strategists.

We will discuss your current efforts, alongside your goals and challenges, and develop ideas for taking your online strategy to the next level.

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