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Is It Smart to DIY with B2B Advertising?

Hiring the RIGHT Ad Agency Settles That Question Forever

There are two types of B2B companies. The ones that don’t like to spend money on advertising and marketing, and the ones who DESPISE spending that money. But all smart organizations know that gaining brand recognition and cultivating leads is a critical part of their success.

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Can You Pull the Psychological Trigger That Prompts Buyers to Act NOW?

How heuristics exponentially amplify your marketing and sales results.

Do you understand how your prospects make decisions? Have you reached into their minds and figured out what makes them tick? Can you circumvent the excuses, delays, and misdirection that so many buyers use to avoid saying “Yes” to your offer?

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Are You In the Know on Ad Lingo?

What You Don’t Know about Marketing Terminology Could Cost You

Have you ever talked to an ad agency and felt like you were trying to learn a foreign language? What exactly is a hook? Does copywriting have something to do with trademark law? Who wants a differentiator anyway? Why do you need to know this stuff?

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Ad Agency Lingo Got You Confused? Let’s Break It Down Right Now.

It’s a fact of life; we hate it when companies use indecipherable techno-jargon to talk about their products and services. But we’re all guilty of it. We get so used to working in an environment where everyone “knows the lingo” that we become lazy and forget that other people don’t have the context to understand what we’re talking about.

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It’s All About Conversion

Has a business card ever closed a deal for your company? Not unless it was attached to the hand of a savvy salesperson. Here’s another fact: When your website isn’t crafted to convert, it doesn’t have the personality and power of your brand behind it. In fact, it is no more than an expensive online business card.

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Did You Know: Friction from Your Website is Costing You Sales?

If you’re wondering why your website visitors are not converting, it is probably because of friction. Quicksprout defines friction as “any variable, website quality, or user behavior trend that is slowing down (or entirely halting) the progression of your company’s sales cycle.”

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