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3/1/17 is World Compliment Day

Compliments can be powerful. They breed respect, gratitude, trust and a sense of possibility.

If you are skeptical, you are likely costing your company money.

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Stop Using Invisible Words: A Guide to a Clearly Differentiated Website

Studies suggest you have just eight seconds to get people to stay on your website.

If your content and messaging fail to make an impression in such a short window of opportunity, customers will move on, most likely to a competitor. Why? Because in our busy lives, people want to find and process information as quickly as possible. Attention is a high-prized commodity. To be able to connect with customers and pique their interest, your website needs to stand out and have the right strategy for differentiation.

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5 Ways to Turn Your Website into a Powerful Sales Machine

Can a website actually affect B2B sales? Many believe grit, salesmanship and quality products already generate business leads and boost sales activity, so they don’t view their website as a part of the sales conversation.

If this is you, we need to tell you something important. Your mindset is not only standing in the way of explosive growth, but it’s opening the door to your competitors. Your B2B website is not just a shop window or an online brochure, but a vital part of your overall sales strategy.

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My New Website’s Not Done?! (Tips on Marketing ROI)

Ever wondered how a marketing company markets themselves? Well, we doubled the size of Blender in 2016 and we plan on doing it again in 2017. Would you like to see major growth next year? I want to share some of our current efforts for achieving measurable and fast growth, so you can think on how this might apply to you.

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Understanding The Buyer Persona: A Path to Branding Your Business

One of the most common marketing challenges for businesses that sell to businesses is managing the wide range of different customer types. Segmenting and clarifying your key customer types is critical to creating resonant messaging, clear value propositions, and developing a marketing strategy that truly helps with how to find buyers and drives sales.

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Product Differentiation and Effective Messaging

When the roles of marketing and sales get blurred, product messaging can fail to create a significant differentiation in the minds of the customers and your numbers can languish. In sales, a point-by-point comparison with competition may be necessary depending on the prospect’s questions or objections, but this is not a marketing strategy for differentiation.

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How Inconsistent Branding Sabotages Your Business’ Growth

Many of our clients ask for help with their branding, without really knowing what a brand should accomplish for them. To set it straight, a brand is more than just a logo and other visual marks. It is your truth. It’s –how customers perceive your organizational identity and reputation across all platforms.

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