The 7 Fundamentals

With the right mix of these crucial tools, we can help transform your business and drive sales.

The power of aligning sales and marketing.

The B2B world can be a complicated and unforgiving sales environment. It’s even harder to know how marketing fits in your growth strategy.

Decision makers will often have only one view of your company, whether they get their information from your website, someone in their network or your marketing. So, consistency and alignment are critical. Any disconnect between your sales and marketing messages can slow down or even sabotage the sales process.

We’ve developed a proven system to harness the power of a great sales relationship and mirror that experience in your marketing. We start by using your sales cycle as a map.

Our most powerful tool to transform your marketing.

In an intensive, collaborative series of workshops, we’ll get into the minds of your ideal customers, document your entire prospecting and sales process, uncover the unique heart and differentiation of your company, and script the optimal messaging framework for each buyer persona.

We’ll ask the questions you haven’t considered, uncover the hard truths and experience a few revelations. It’s all designed to get at the core of what makes you amazing and how to leverage your unique story to sell more.

The Marketing Blender process

The right message for the right audience

“We’re a global company and have expanded into new markets. Blender has helped us to match our message to the tone and needs of each unique culture and audience. We’ve been very pleased with the results and the response we’ve gotten from the market.”

CFO/Executive Vice President Sales & Marketing, item  —

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