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At Blender, our experienced CMOs, Creative Visionaries, and Digital Ninjas combine forces to strengthen your marketing efforts.

Dacia Coffey

CEO & Fractional Chief Marketing Officer

A leading authority on accelerating revenue growth, Dacia is the CEO, author and podcast host of Corporate Caffeine, and co-host of The Marketing Blender Show. She has been named an American Advertising Federation Shooting Star, and an Inc Magazine Entrepreneur of Excellence. In addition to her client work, she’s an internationally recognized speaker focused on helping people unleash their individual and organizational potential. You can always spot her in a crowd because of her big hair, loud laugh, and obsession with starting weird conversations with strangers. #wordnerd #obsessivereader #BoyMom

Kyle Coffey

VP of Operations

Kyle Coffey is currently the CFO and Key Utility Player for The Marketing Blender Team. Kyle started working for Blender at conception while juggling a full-time sales role at Coca-Cola. Originally, it was a weekends-only role he took for the benefits. He was provided a luxury seat at the backyard patio table of the CEO’s home along with great conversation, music, and cold beverages. This worked out well since he loves the outdoors! He has spent most of his professional career by doing things in reverse order, and living and learning (at least to most people’s standards). After a short 5-year stint with Anheuser-Busch in his early twenties, he decided to move his family across the country and chase the American Dream of becoming an entrepreneur. When one door would shut another would open and he has been going strong ever since. One thing is for sure, he has never looked back since getting a taste of entrepreneurship, except to see what he might have dropped along the way. His encouragement to you: #Youwillwin as long as you fail forward and leave room for growth.

SaMaria Boyd

Social Media Specialist

Known for creating ‘follow-worthy" social media content and her pop culture swagger, Sa Maria Boyd is a Social Media Specialist. A former radio personality and talk show host, she can also be found behind the camera, editing video, managing email campaigns, and designing graphics. When she’s not at work, you may run into her backstage at concerts, volunteering, or being the executive assistant to her dog Skippy. #kpop #votedcoolest #bigfamiliesbighearts

Gene Lewis

Fractional Chief Marketing Officer

Gene is a recognized brand builder and business professional. His strengths honed over years of experience include excellent strategic planning capabilities, along with the development and introduction of new products. He has extensive experience in all areas of marketing with highly developed expertise in idea generation, brand strategy, messaging, and positioning.

Known for aggressively pushing strategic decisions to execution, Gene truly has a bias to action and loves to see ideas brought to life.

When not at work you will likely find him near a body of water. He loves the lake and beach life and looks forward to that tropical island retirement one day (while still doing a little strategy work of course). #beachbum #lakelife #surfsup

Shasta Daisy McCarty

Fractional Chief Marketing Officer | Brand Strategist

Co-host of The Marketing Blender Show, and author of the Marketing for Revenue Growth series, Shasta Daisy McCarty is known for transforming how B2B companies approach their brand messaging and market positioning to outpace competitors and achieve growth goals. As the Chief Inventor at The Marketing Blender Lab, she is pioneering making Fractional CMO services affordable and available to entrepreneurs, small businesses, and startups. Daisy is known for her dry wit and fingers that are as nimble on the banjo as they are on the keyboard. #secretweapon #strangehobbies

Ramsey Sanchez

Digital Marketing Specialist

Ramsey has over 7 years of Digital Marketing experience with a highlight of playing a lead role in creating a TV commercial ad campaign that aired for 4 months. Ramsey has a B.A. in Business Administration - Concentration in Marketing from SAGU. He has a passion for helping others succeed with digital ads and marketing. Ramsey is happily married for 7 years and has an amazing little girl and baby boy. #dadlife #gamer #tacos

Colin Short

Creative Director

Aussie born, and born to be creative, Colin has worked for years procuring and fine tuning his talent as a creative.As Creative Director for The Marketing Blender, he makes use of those natural talents building great brands, re-designing websites, strategizing on digital ad campaigns and/or creating client collateral and presentations. He has a unique ability to "see" what is needed on the page. Combining this creativity with his expertise in brand strategy, photography, video, illustration and his thirst to know and understand the client produces successful results when making the right choices in helping clients make the most of their marketing efforts.

On a personal side you'll find Colin off-roading in his 1978 FJ40 LandCruiser, painting acrylics on canvas, pounding drums or playing guitar, shooting photography and firing up the smoker for some delicious smoked bbq!

Danita Jo Talbot

Fractional Chief Marketing Officer

A strategic marketing and communications leader in Fortune 500 as well as SMBs, Danita Jo harnesses her broad industry experience in the public, private and non-profit sectors to accelerate the growth of evolving brands as well as complex brand families. As a recognized leader, problem solver, driver, collaborator, consensus builder, advisor, and mentor, she develops high-performing teams supported with strategy, structure, and growth.

Creating marketing alignment with business development and sales is at the core of every successful partnership she cultivates. Excelling at digital with traditional marketing, creative execution, stakeholder relations, and internal and external communications, Danita Jo balances near-term goals, smart implementation, and long-term strategy, immersed in the mission, vision, and business objectives.

While engaging the deep science behind marketing, and a passion for tracking results and quantifying success, her photography skills fuel her creative side, adding a unique perspective to marketing designs.

Brian Talbot

Fractional Chief Marketing Officer

Brian is an Innovative change agent driving explosive business growth for companies across industries (tech, professional services, consumer services, media, finance, healthcare) specializing in tailored strategies, team leadership, and tactical execution to optimize business growth with measurable results.

As a fractional CMO and strategic marketing executive, Brian serves others by developing and implementing comprehensive growth strategies and marketing focused branding to help businesses succeed. With leadership, accountability, and expertise to help grow people, teams and companies, his track record demonstrates 2x to 3x growth across B2B and B2C companies in just 24-36 months.

Austin Coffey


Known for being the greatest office DJ, Austin Coffey is the intern extraordinaire. He played a year of college baseball on scholarship and will graduate from the University of Arkansas with his business degree in 2026. A go-getter and quick-study, Austin primarily assists with digital marketing but jumps in on tasks from team members wherever he can help, learn, and experience new things. Outside of the office, Austin can be found on the golf course, hanging out with friends and family, or burrowing in his room with a controller. #GetActive #Gamer #FamilyMan

Philip Jones


As long as there has been a Word Wide Web, Philip has been creating web-based solutions to business problems. With a keen eye for user experience, he has used his broad range of expertise to develop everything from marketing sites to complex web applications. When he’s not strategizing or writing code, he is traveling with his family to the far reaches of the globe.

Mellora Moore

Fractional Chief Marketing Officer

A culinary artist in the marketing world, Mellora is known for whipping up success with a blend of creativity, data-driven insight, and strategic planning. A growth-minded fractional CMO with over 200 B2B and B2C product launches to her credit, she has an insatiable appetite for helping SMBs outpace the competition and consistently meet growth targets. Whether refining branding and positioning or identifying new revenue streams, Mell knows how to mix, bake, and serve strategies that ignite brands and sweeten the customer journey. #sugargeek #dogmom #javajunkie

Denver Coffey

Couch Director

Denver's responsibilities are simple, but crucial to the team here at Blender. When a team member is stressed or just needs to take a break, Denver is always there to remind you he's willing and ready to help you take a break, give him a scratch, go on a walk or just tell you to focus on him for a sec and all will be ok. He also has a watchful eye for what's going on outside the office, even when taking a well deserved nap!

Timmy Short

The Muscle

Timmy works closely with our Creative Director providing the muscle, the bark, the growl that every creative needs to keep others out of their office so they can focus on the all so important work for our clients. Timmy does this all too well and unfortunately continues his job after ours when he and Colin head home.