You probably have a long sales cycle.

And unlike B2C marketing, there’s not much impulse buying. You have to nurture your leads and convert them into customers, and often in person. So does brand really matter?

You bet it does.

Customers involved in a long decision-making process will often default to psychological shortcuts.

Familiarity is one of the most common heuristics. Branding helps because it directs initial impressions and provides a long-term framework of recognition and trust. Your brand provides the mental associations buyers will use to catalog their impression of your company and understand your true value.

Branding = Positioning. Period.

Marketing continues to grow more digital, and sales reps often no longer play the dominant role in a buyer’s research process. At the same time, advertising gets louder and more frequent. Information pours in from every angle. Your customers simply don’t have enough mental parking space for everything they hear. Your brand helps them quickly gauge whether or not your message applies to them.

As choices in communication tools and delivery methods get more complex, your actual message needs to become more human. Technology has bred a more intense need for a personal touch, and this makes branding more important in the B2B world than ever before.

Cut through the noise.

Your first impression will be a lasting impression. Before you spend more money on trade shows and advertising, make sure your core brand and message will impress and resonate. You must cut through the clutter.

That’s where Blender can help. But to make sure this is the right strategy for you, we begin with a free marketing audit. You’ll talk with a Blender strategist about your goals and challenges and determine how branding could help you position your company and products in the market landscape, help you build your own brand personality and voice.

You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain.

Ready to improve your marketing?


Ready to improve your marketing?


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