Branding helps people to remember you, trust you, and choose you. 

But amazing brands aren’t built on accident. Blender’s branding process is called Your Incomparable Brand and helps you drive how you are perceived and fuels the effectiveness of all of your marketing efforts. Strong visual communication is non-negotiable. Companies who invest in brand development have stronger margins, better name recognition, and are better at attracting top talent. When your brand clearly communicates your truth and excellence, you tip the scales in your favor.

Brand Strategy

Your Incomparable Brand is found at the intersection of your truth and your customer’s needs. We begin by clarifying how your purpose, culture, processes, experience, and offering make you incomparable. Then we align this truth with brand choices that appeal to your market, making you distinct and desirable in your industry.

Brand Discovery and Audit: We conduct market research on your industry and deliver a brand audit giving you unique insights into how you are perceived and what the market prioritizes to strengthen your messaging, your positioning, and the look and feel of your marketing.

Brand Positioning: Articulate your value by creating a clear position in the industry that resonates with your prospect’s needs. Stand out in the sea of sameness by elevating your answers to three fundamental questions: What will you do for me? What problems can you solve? What transformation can I expect?

Audience Personas: We conduct qualitative interviews of internal stakeholders and current customers to uncover insights, opportunities, and messaging improvements for your brand and positioning.

Messaging Hierarchy: Blender helps you create a messaging hierarchy to deliver the right message at the right time to the right audience— avoiding the most common B2B messaging mistakes that sabotage your efforts and result in lost opportunities.

Look and feel: Does the look and feel of your brand capture and keep attention? Our design exploration will help you to choose the colors, symbols, images, and styles that will attract your audience and communicate your superiority. We’ll develop your unique photography style, strategic design aesthetic, color theory, and typography.

Brand Voice: Your words should convey personality and create a delightful customer experience through a messaging style unique to you. We help you to develop a brand voice and tone that builds relationship and trust because your words are enjoyable to read.

Brand Development

How to tell your brand story through visual communication.

Brand Identity: Your brand identity consists of a design system that is distinct in the competitive. This “visual language” often includes a new logomark, typography, color standards, graphic language specifications, and application samples for your sales and marketing collateral.

Brand Standards: At the end of the brand process, we document the brand’s new positioning, personality, verbal, and visual identity in a comprehensive brand guideline. This document allows you to empower your teams with design application guidelines and ensure the brand’s consistent application across collateral.

Illustrations and Icons: Various forms of visual communication are paramount in your brands’ success. We will create these symbols for you to quickly communicate and organize your services and benefits through a series of illustrations or icons make your verbal communications visual.

Photography and Video: Photography and video are the most important investments for your brands’ visual communication. We are adept in creating hero photography for high impact ad campaigns, brand profile videos, or image libraries that allow your team to show your success and people on social media.

Brand Activations

Once your brand foundation completed, we apply the look and feel to all of your sales assets, communication materials and integrated marketing strategy that engage your buyer personas.

Responsive website design: A great B2B website addresses the needs of buyers at each stage of their purchase journey. It is often the first piece of your marketing strategy that either creates trust or sabotages your sales efforts. Often, we rebuild websites from the ground up to optimize for mobile success, content management systems, and a hub to showcase your expertise.

Brand advertising campaigns: Campaigns are one of the most successful pieces of content you can generate for paid media. We create a variety of campaign styles that scale across all your advertising platforms through photography, video, and audio to drive leads, generate trust, and impact sales.

Tradeshow Design: We help align your sales and marketing to your tradeshow experience by creating an outstanding experience before the event, during the event, and after the event. Maximum ROI comes from thinking beyond the booth. We also help you enable automation technology to engage booth visitors quickly, capture marketing qualified leads, and qualify and follow up with sales leads.

Sales Collateral: Having versatile sales materials is crucial to communicate with your buyers effectively. Depending on your sales process or buyers’ journey, we create a variety of communication tools to reframe buying criteria and showcase your products and services in the best light.

Presentations & Keynotes: Maximizing your in-person impact is critical to sales success, but often presentations are built at the last second by your admin or sales team. Speaking opportunities are incredibly valuable, and your messaging should be built proactively. We uplevel your Messaging Choreography, speaking style, and brand visuals to create the “wow” that moves opportunities forward. Maximize your influence at important pitches, lunch and learns, webinars, workshops, and industry events.

What you actually get.

  • Brand Audits
  • Sales mapping
  • Site Audits
  • Workshops
  • Brand Positioning
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Brand Hierarchy
  • Visual Identity
  • Photography and Video
  • Event Design
  • Colors and Typography
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Responsive Website Design
  • Branded Social Media Content

Insights & Strategy

Your audience has more resources and knowledge at their fingertips than ever before. They are smart and demanding. That’s why it is crucial to understand your customers’ needs by creating a highly focused marketing strategy for growth that’s aligned with your sales.

Digital Content, Campaigns & Automation

To communicate effectively, you need content marketing. It’s how you take your potential buyers on a journey of awareness, create excitement, and close the deal. Your social media, website, and digital tools all serve as validation that you are the expert that can solve their problem.

Our most powerful tool to transform your marketing.

In an intensive, collaborative series of workshops, we’ll get into the minds of your ideal customers, document your entire prospecting and sales process, uncover the unique heart and differentiation of your company, and script the optimal messaging framework for each buyer persona.

We’ll ask the questions you haven’t considered, uncover the hard truths and experience a few revelations. It’s all designed to get at the core of what makes you amazing and how to leverage your unique story to sell more.

The Marketing Blender process

The right message for the right audience

“We’re a global company and have expanded into new markets. Blender has helped us to match our message to the tone and needs of each unique culture and audience. We’ve been very pleased with the results and the response we’ve gotten from the market.”

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