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Do you struggle to know the real ROI on your marketing efforts? Do your sales cycles stall or stretch out past projections? Do you lose deals to the status quo or no decision? Do you struggle with differentiation and a lack of effective visibility? Are you struggling to get your whole team aligned and responsive to market changes?

Are these things choking your growth potential?

Our talented and tested fractional Chief Marketing Officers have the success stories, processes, and leadership to help you navigate the challenges of today and capitalize on the opportunities of tomorrow. We specialize in growing technology, industrial, manufacturing, and professional service companies. Whether you need leadership for expansion, crisis management, to break a sales plateau, or as an interim leader during an executive search, you can tap the skills of top executive talent without the overhead burden.


We identify the unifying elements that will drive revenue and marketing ROI for your business model, differentiation, and industry. It’s time to stop hoping for results and instead begin planning for results.


Once a strategy is crafted, you need an experienced leader to guide the execution of the ideas and hold the accountability for results as their foremost priority.

Marketing Training

As the marketing landscape continues to grow increasingly more complex, training for in-house marketers often lags behind the trends. From ROI to analytics, brand advocacy to messaging, sales alignment, CRM/automation optimization, content and digital marketing, and much more, our CMOs offer a wide array of both training offerings as well as mentorship within a fractional arrangement.

Brand Consulting

Does your brand need an evolution instead of a revolution? How do you strengthen a brand, leverage a rebrand, or simply maintain relevance and visibility for a legacy brand? A vigilant approach is critical to help you position your offering above your competition and short sales cycles for your revenue growth.

Brand Message Development

If your previous marketing and sales efforts have ever failed to generate the growth and results you wanted, it’s likely that your brand messaging and differentiation doesn’t clearly communicate value to your market. We’ll help you understand what motivates your ideal customer and use this knowledge to drive interest in your marketing and position you ahead of the competition during the buying process.

Private Equity Advisory

Bring in a leader with the experience and history of success to hit the ground running and drive results within months. One of our fractional CMOs can help you fill an interim position during an executive search, build out scalable business development systems, and build sustainable engines of growth for your portfolio companies.

Merger & Acquisition Services

Whether you are the buyer or seller, there are a lot of communication and marketing nuances that can affect valuation and the future growth of an acquired company. We have the experience to navigate and leverage this dynamic environment.

CMO Peer Review

Drawing upon the communal experience of our entire CMO and strategist network not only safeguards your CMO engagement but gives you a breadth of insights and experiences no single person can match. Our team regularly meets to brainstorm, uncover opportunities, and share resources to bring you the best results.

Fractional Marketing Team

For the same cost of just one to three in-house marketers, what if you had access to a wildly talented marketing team of graphic designers, copywriters, digital marketers, strategists, and developers perfectly chosen for their experience and ability to execute your marketing plan? Marketing results without the management and overhead.

What you actually get:

Fractional Chief Marketing Tactics

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Execution Planning & Management
  • Implementation
  • Messaging Improvement
  • ROI Accountability
  • Maximized Lead Generation
  • Shorter Sales Cycles
  • Marketing Agency Oversight
  • Differentiation & Positioning
  • Brand Elevation
  • Mission Alignment
  • Rapid Onboarding & Results
  • Live Support & High Stakes Strategy
  • Team Leadership & Mentorship
  • Reporting
  • Proactive Planning & Ideation
  • Project Management
  • Sales & Marketing Alignment
  • Technology Optimization
  • Strategic Alignment
  • Vendor Management & Optimization
  • Budgeting & Planning
  • Board Communication

Brand Development

Inspiring visuals and engaging voice—the essence delivered through a strategic rebrand. In the age where your brand is stretched across more digital and physical platforms, it is more important than ever to establish your value and position. Regardless of your industry, your brand identity needs to adapt, be inspiring and look really, really great.

Digital Content, Campaigns & Automation

To communicate effectively, you need content marketing. It’s how you take your potential buyers on a journey of awareness, create excitement, and close the deal. Your social media, website, and digital tools all serve as validation that you are the expert that can solve their problem.

Insights & Strategy

Your audience has more resources and knowledge at their fingertips than ever before. They are smart and demanding. That’s why it is crucial to understand your customers’ needs by creating a highly focused marketing strategy for growth that’s aligned with your sales.

Our most powerful tool to transform your marketing

In an intensive, collaborative series of workshops, we’ll get into the minds of your ideal customers, document your entire prospecting and sales process, uncover the unique heart and differentiation of your company, and script the optimal messaging framework for each buyer persona.

We’ll ask the questions you haven’t considered, uncover the hard truths and experience a few revelations. It’s all designed to get at the core of what makes you amazing and how to leverage your unique story to sell more.

The Marketing Blender process

The right message for the right audience

“We’re a global company and have expanded into new markets. Blender has helped us to match our message to the tone and needs of each unique culture and audience. We’ve been very pleased with the results and the response we’ve gotten from the market.”

CFO/Executive Vice President Sales & Marketing, item  —

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