Let’s destroy the apathy that is sucking the life out of the business world.

Blender founder, Dacia Coffey, is insanely passionate about helping brands and people amplify their truth. Her mission is to create a domino effect in the business world of connection, meaning and prosperity for all.

Because, the most radical thing you can do is care. With the rapid pace of technological change, it is more critical than ever that marketing be human. But it’s not just about pretty pictures and warm fuzzies. It’s about taking a stand based on your character and being willing to put it all on the line to serve your clients to the highest level.

Dacia started her career in business-to-business sales. She’s a three-time business owner, writer and professional speaker committed to teaching people that work is not a four-letter word, but apathy should be.

A calling to share what we’ve learned.

In her writing and at the podium, Dacia excels at connecting with an audience — and inspiring them to action.

Combining sales experience, buyer psychology and resonant messaging, she knows how to cut through the safe, bland marketing that sabotages sales. Frank, energetic and practical, she just gets it when it comes to the complex world of industrial sales and professional services.

Dacia has energized audiences at conferences and corporate events by sharing her captivating message of mastery, truth and growth. From boardrooms to ballrooms, she keeps people hanging on every word.

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Fueled by passion

“I’ve done a number of speaking events with Dacia over the years, and it’s all so alive. I love watching the crowd turn statue-still as they absorb her brilliance. Dacia has a true joy for B2B marketing. It’s fueled by her passion — true passion — for the craft. It’s an enthusiasm that’s so genuine.”

Executive Producer of Digital Content, Steed Creative  —

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