“Marketing can and should drive
the real world sales conversation.”

– Dacia Coffey

Ready to cut through?

Ready to cut through?

Destroy the apathy that is sucking the life out of the business world.

That’s what Blender founder, Dacia Coffey, is insanely passionate about. She believes that by honoring business mastery by telling clients’ authentic truth, it can create a domino effect of connection, growth and prosperity for all. This isn’t about pretty words and pretty pictures; this is about taking a stand for character, being willing to put it all on the line to serve your clients to the highest level, and ending the disconnection, disengagement and disillusionment that too many have come to accept as the norm.

With the increase in technology, digital marketing, and constant change, it is more critical than ever that marketing be human. Nowadays, the most radical thing you can do is tell your truth and care.

Combining sales experience, buyer psychology, and resonant messaging, Dacia cuts through the safe, bland marketing that is sabotaging your sales. Frank, energetic and practical, she just gets it when it comes to the complex world of industrial sales and professional services.

Dacia started her career in business to business sales. She’s a three time business owner, writer and professional speaker committed to teaching people that work is not a four letter word, but apathy should be.

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Q: What does Marketing Blender do, exactly?

answer-aWe create brands, marketing plans, and advertising materials to get sales and marketing on the same page — growing your business.

Q: How can you help our company grow?

answer-aWe can help you tell your story, through clear marketing that represents the heart and soul of your business. We’ll help your brand cut through the noise.

Q: What makes you qualified?

answer-aAfter years in sales I decided what really mattered to me was helping businesses grow. I love getting to the heart of your story and framing it in a way that helps customers immediately recognize why they need you.

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I’ve done a number of speaking events with Dacia over the years, and it’s all so so alive. We feed off of each other well and always seem to strike an intuitive balance. But more than speaking with Dacia, I enjoy hearing her speak! I love watching the crowd turn statue-still as they absorb her brilliance. Dacia has a true joy for B2B marketing. It’s fueled by her passion – true passion – for the craft. It’s an enthusiasm so genuine, even people like me leave kind of fired up to go tackle the B2B sales cycle – before I remember that’s not what I do, or want to do!

Erin Steed

Social Media | Brand Management | Communications Strategy, Steed Creative

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