Does branding really matter in B2B?

You bet it does.

Branding is not always about making things look pretty. And your brand is more than just a logo. It is your truth. It is your reputation and how you are perceived. It is the culmination of every touch point your prospects and customers interact with.

The look, feel and tone of everything you do and say all adds up to what buyers think of your business and how they rank it against your competitors.

Strong branding makes a better first impression.

Providing superior products and services isn’t enough if your excellence is not recognized. How people initially see your brand sets the context for your trustworthiness, pricing and perceived value. That’s the power of branding.

Psychologists have discovered that when you meet a stranger and see their face, it takes .01 seconds to form a first impression. Surprisingly, longer exposure doesn’t significantly alter this initial impression. And it’s the same for your company. What impression are you making?

The design and copywriting that introduce your business to prospects have an immediate and lasting effect on how they feel about the solutions and value you offer.

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Don’t kill your growth with branding inconsistency.

B2B companies often face long buying cycles, but strong, consistent branding helps connect the dots. Presenting a unified front across every medium reinforces your value. The sum is truly greater than its parts.

Consistency effectively delivers your messaging, drives positive sentiment and helps you differentiate your business. Your branding must resonate. Be clear. Be human. Be memorable. You must cut through the clutter to stand out in your customers’ minds.

Consistency also breeds trust. It influences the buyer’s decision to choose you over a competitor. Plus, existing customers feel more confident recommending a company that is polished and professional. So remember, consistent branding sets the stage for sales!

Check your brand for these 3 common inconsistencies.

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  • Our sole focus is B2B companies. We know what works in your industry, because we’ve learned from experience.

  • We handle highly technical fields and extremely knowledgeable buyers every day. No one knows your business better than you, but we bring deep understanding and fresh insights to the table.

  • We think big picture but obsess over the details. We know how to make your visual identity and brand voice resonate across every piece of marketing to enhance your sales cycle.

  • We know how to leverage branding to not only drive top-line growth and bottom-line margin, but also to improve company culture and talent recruiting and retention.

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A game-changer in a competitive industry

“There is a lot of competition in our industry and it’s very difficult to stand out in the “sea of sameness”. We have big growth goals and Blender took the time to understand our business model. Dacia and her team helped us refine our messaging and our public persona to tell our audience why we do what we do. They’ve been a joy to work with and the new brand is a game-changer for how we are perceived.”

—  SCOTT HAYES, President & CEO, ISC Group  —