Why choose The Marketing Blender?

We help business-to-business companies grow faster.

Blender is a full-service B2B marketing agency focused on accelerating growth. By building a smarter marketing mix that is aligned to your sales cycle, we maximize your ROI.

What does Blender do, exactly?

We accelerate revenue growth by executing the seven fundamentals of strategy, branding, website development, advertising, digital marketing, trade shows, and sales and marketing alignment. This framework helps our clients recognize their areas of opportunity to spend smarter and grow faster. In short, we develop a marketing plan with messaging and media designed to get real results.

How does Blender help businesses grow?

We align sales and marketing from the first impression all the way through the close of the deal, while watching the data to bring insights and support to the areas costing you lost opportunities. It’s tough to stand out in today’s crowded marketplace, but we know how to use the latest technology and tools to get you visibility and spur your prospects to interest and action.

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Dacia Coffey

Dacia Coffey

CEO & Fractional Chief Marketing Officer

Kyle Coffey

Kyle Coffey

Vice President

Brian Talbot

Brian Talbot

Fractional Chief Marketing Officer

Daisy McCarty

Daisy McCarty

Brand Messaging Strategist

Erik Peterson

Erik Peterson

Sr. Art Director


Dacia Coffey, Founder

A message from our founder

The first half of my career was spent in commercial sales, so I know the challenges firsthand of trying to hit your numbers when you don’t feel marketing supports your efforts. Blender was built to help align sales and marketing to accelerate top-line growth and help amazing B2B companies tell their stories in a way that gets attention and unleashes their growth potential.

Simply put, my team members are masters of message. We’ve developed strategic tools around the psychology of the business decision maker and use this process to build marketing plans that are aligned with sales cycles. Our approach is proven, and it can work for you business. But be warned: our methods can be transformative. Are you ready to grow?

We believe that by helping B2B companies grow and serve their clients at a higher level, we’re creating a domino effect in the business world of connection, meaning and prosperity for all.


Clarity is invaluable

“If you are not working with Blender, you should be. They will help you find clarity in the way you view and market your business.”

P.E. Principal, Fratto Engineering  —

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