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17 surefire tips & tricks, best practices and hacks to get more followers for your LinkedIn company page

There are two overall B2B marketing strategies for growing your audience on LinkedIn: promote your company page and create valuable content.

We recently set an ambitious goal to increase our LinkedIn followers by 10x. You can read about the experiment we did to pull it off here. But we also want to share our tried-and-true secrets for building a bigger audience.

Here are 17 proven tactics for increasing your number of followers on LinkedIn that have worked for us and our B2B marketing agency clients.

    1. Add a LinkedIn follow button to your website. Click this one for an example:
    2. Include links, images or video in your posts to increase engagement. Studies show posts with these types of content perform better.
    3. Be sure to engage with your existing followers, so your page is active and worth following.
    4. Post relevant, interesting and well-executed content consistently on a regular schedule.
    5. Include links, images or video in your posts to increase engagement. Studies show posts with these types of content perform better.
    6. Ask your employees to add your company as their current place of employment — and to share your company’s posts.
    7. Ask your personal LinkedIn connections, your current and former customers, and your network outside of LinkedIn to follow your page.
    8. Cross-promote on other social channels with a straightforward “Follow Us on LinkedIn” message that includes a brief description of the type content you post there.
    9. Add a link to your company page in your email newsletters and ask your employees to add it to their email signatures.
    10. 10. Use your full company name as your LinkedIn page name to make it easier for people to find you when they search.
    11. Make sure your company profile is completely filled out. Be sure to include a hi-res version of your logo and a visually appealing cover image.
    12. Optimize for search engines by including relevant keywords in your page description and in your posts.
    13. 13. Participate in industry-related LinkedIn groups by sharing useful tips and insights.
    14. Write and post articles on LinkedIn’s publishing platform.
    15. Create multiple LinkedIn showcase pages to highlight different categories of products and services.
    16. Create a LinkedIn follower ad campaign.
    17. Review your LinkedIn analytics to see what kinds of posts resonate with your current followers, and then post more of that type of content.

    As a B2B advertising agency, we understand the value of doing versus just talking about doing, so we make sharing useful content with our LinkedIn followers a priority. So, go follow The Marketing Blender on LinkedIn for more helpful B2B marketing tips and insights. (See what we did there?)

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