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Discover the 7 essentials of B2B digital marketing strategies and 4 advanced best practices that can transform your ROI

The digital transformation of B2B marketing and sales is a truth you can’t afford to ignore. According to Forrester, today’s business buyers are making up their minds online.

  • 60% prefer not to interact with a sales rep as their primary source of information
  • 68% prefer to do their own research online
  • 62% develop selection criteria or finalize a vendor list based solely on digital content

So, what exactly is digital marketing? Simply put, it is any marketing activity that takes place online. However, it is anything but simple. The range of tactics, technology and platforms is overwhelming. But, with the right B2B digital marketing strategy and execution, you can very efficiently connect with the people who are most likely to become qualified leads and guide them toward making a purchase.

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B2B digital marketing generates leads and moves them along the buyer’s journey

As a bonus, we’ll also cover these 4 advanced best practices that will turbocharge your B2B digital marketing efforts:

As you learn more about the 7 essentials of B2B digital marketing, keep these practices that are required for success in mind:

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A word of warning: Don’t confuse these B2B marketing tactics with a B2B marketing strategy