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Comparing B2B marketing companies can be confusing. That’s because most of them are GOOD at marketing their own services. The problem is that not all of them will be good at marketing YOURS. How can you tell the difference? As you research and talk to potential B2B agency partners, here are a few things to keep in mind that will help you narrow down your list.

comparing B2B marketing companies

Are they B2B specialists?

This sounds obvious, but you deserve a partner that specializes in business to business marketing. Experience in B2C marketing that targets average consumers does not translate to your complex industry. B2B companies generally have longer sales cycles, deal with more layers of decision makers, and must explain complex services and products. Sound familiar? It should be familiar to your agency too.

There are no dumb questions.

Digital marketing is just as complicated as your business, so you should feel comfortable asking anything. Your seemingly basic questions are probably right on point. So, if you don’t understand their answer (or worse, feel condescended to) you should run in the opposite direction.

Measurable results you can act on.

You want insights, not just stacks of data. You need a B2B advertising agency committed to testing, learning and improving your results, not just auto-emailing a report to you that you don’t really understand. They should provide a dashboard that gives you constant access to your data and clear connections to your stated business goals.

A strategic, collaborative approach.

Your partner should work with you to develop a B2B marketing plan that matches different tactics to your goals. They should also recommend experiments to find the most effective mix. A great partner will even challenge you to clarify what success looks like. You want an expert, not an order taker.

Compelling writing.

Does this B2B agency have a great writer? They’d better. Headlines are critical for attracting eyeballs and a strong CTA (call to action) is required to get results. You can be using the right tools and the right targeting, but the wrong words will sabotage all that tech. If your words can’t compel people to take action, all of your money and efforts are for naught. Great writing is non-negotiable.

Industry knowledge.

Do they truly know and understand your industry? Check their site for other clients in a similar or related vertical. Not only will they already understand your industry jargon, they understand what turns your prospects into your best clients. A word of warning: some B2B advertising companies only work in a small handful of industries, which makes them experts, but can also cause them to act like they have blinders on. A fresh perspective is often even more valuable than insider info. So, look for a balance of interesting work across industries.

A track record of success.

Read their case studies. Then ask them to tell you about a recent success one of their clients had achieving a business goal utilizing digital marketing. Listen for believable and understandable stories. And check their references. Ask if there are any past and existing clients that you can call. A truly great B2B ad agency will have happy clients willing to go to bat for them.

Trust your gut.

Chemistry matters. If you want to get the most out your partnership, find someone you really enjoy working with.

Research, Questions, and Trust

In conclusion, finding the right B2B ad agency for your business requires a combination of research, asking the right questions, and trusting your instincts. While it may seem overwhelming at first, taking the time to find the perfect fit will ultimately lead to a successful partnership that yields results. One important factor to consider when choosing a B2B ad agency is their experience and expertise in your specific industry. While some agencies may have a strong track record in one industry, they may not be as effective in another. Therefore, it’s essential to do some research on their past clients and case studies to see if they have successfully implemented strategies within your industry.

With these tips in mind, the effort you put into finding the right B2B marketing agency is sure to pay off. Of course, you could save yourself some time and schedule a free marketing audit with a Blender strategist.

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