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Why should you worry about your B2B website design? This is a real question for CEOs of mid sized companies in the B2B world. After all, you have accomplished a lot on sheer grit, salesmanship, and quality products. Why does how your website look matter? What good can marketing do for a manufacturer or any B2B company?

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Let me tell you about an experience we had just yesterday. Often, we manage the final production of our services, whether that is ordering promotional items, working with the printer, or hiring a company to build the trade-show display. This week, one of these projects involved having a custom table built out of sheet metal. We had identified seven vendors that could build such a table.

Of course, our first point of contact with each of them was to visit their website. One of the vendors was a referral, but when we visited their website, it was awful.

So what does web design have to do with the ability to work sheet metal? Nothing.

But that ugly website made us nervous.

If they don’t care about attention to detail on their website when educating us about their services, will they care about our client’s project? We didn’t call them. Not even to chat or to get a bid, because there were six others waiting in the wings.

The irony is that as a DFW B2B marketing agency, we have built our business on bad websites! Every single day we speak with another company that is truly remarkable, but hasn’t yet improved their marketing or learned about B2B branding. We are the ones who teach them how to better tell their story. We know firsthand that a website has nothing to do with the quality of an organization. And yet… fear is a funny thing. It’s not rational. It’s not logical. And all of us are too busy to deal with it when we have options that are less scary. That prospective vendor lost our business and the future business that we likely represent. All because of a website.

So I will ask again: Is your B2B website design scaring prospects?

Yesterday, the saying was, “May the best man win.”

Today, the reality is, “The one who is best at removing fear wins.” The look of your website and the way you present your information are critical in using marketing to strengthen your sales funnel. Wanna learn more? Check out our slideshare on the top mistakes we see companies make that kill sales. Or just give us a call. It is time to stop being scary.

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