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Can you tell people what you do in a single sentence? Do you have a simple, but compelling brand story? If you are like most—the answer is usually no.

But here’s the thing: if you can’t keep it simple, people can’t refer you.

Can people tell your brand story on your behalf?

Why is it so hard to keep it simple? Maybe because boiling your life’s work down to a single sentence is scary. Using more words feels more important—weightier, more secure.

See if this thought process sounds familiar to you.

Here is one single sentence to describe what my company does: At Blender, we help B2B companies and sales teams tell their story in an amazing and human way, then we promote that story by serving their audience, which is proven to drive amazing sales growth.

But my thoughts can get squirrelly when I am in front of someone and this complicates things.

Observe my inner monologue:

Strategic Me: “Keeping things simple helps people to feel confident and allows them the room to be curious about how we can help them.”

Devil’s Advocate Me: “But wait, people won’t realize that we do websites and branding and advertising and lead-gen and content marketing.”

Nervous and Fearful Me: “Hold on now, do prospects know what content marketing is? Maybe I should list out social media, email, SEO, blogging, messaging, and publicity. For that matter, should I define branding and the services that are needed to develop a brand?”

Paranoid Me: “But doesn’t that make it sound like we are a ‘jack of all trades’? I mean, we are specialists and experts. How do I communicate that we are amazing at this one thing, which makes us amazing at lots of things?!”

See what I mean?

This can happen when we make selling and marketing about us, instead of about the people that need us. People can’t process all of your information during a single hello. It is a buying process … a sales cycle, not a branding hit-and-run.

Trust the process and learn how to distribute your message throughout the sales cycle in a way that allows your audience to understand you, ask questions and engage with you.

You will get further, faster, by focusing on the relationship instead of your pitch.

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