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Studies suggest you have just eight seconds to get people to stay on your website.

If your content and messaging fail to make an impression in such a short window of opportunity, customers will move on, most likely to a competitor. Why? Because in our busy lives, people want to find and process information as quickly as possible. Attention is a high-prized commodity.  To be able to connect with customers and pique their interest, your website needs to stand out and have the right strategy for differentiation.

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Stop Using Invisible Words

In the B2B industry, you need to get your messaging right. Words have power and they can either make or break your business. Using invisible words, such as those that relate to quality and performance, can be the beginning of a race to the bottom where price becomes the only differentiator. How many solutions are state-of-the-art? Does everything have to be innovative to be good? Know that when a provider is well-known, people take certain standards of quality for granted and differentiation becomes much harder. Spend time adding substance and clarity instead.  When you use the same words as your competitor, you are not communicating your differentiation and are only undermining your ability to attract customers.

In our blog post, “Product Differentiation and Effective Messaging”, we’ve outlined how vision and alignment can help improve your B2B sales messaging strategy. We’ll use a similar concept below to power your differentiation message and help turn your website into a compelling truth-teller.

WHO do you serve?

At the heart of your brand’s truth are your customers. Clearly identifying your target market and talking to them about them on your website can position you as their top-of-mind choice.  Believe me, you will be remembered for the things that you say and do. With a clear audience in mind, you can craft a great conversation that resonates, instead of a generic message that annoys customers and drive them away from your business.

HOW do you do it?

Ask yourself: How did this product come into being? Do you employ certain processes, systems or philosophies that create value and innovation for your market? What is it, specifically, that you do that drives excellence?

Most companies who are winning at B2B marketing are those who truly know what sets them apart from competition. The authentic differentiation that is derived from their systems, processes, and philosophies is not only an affirmation of their strengths but also a demonstration of their mastery. Keep in mind, it is not enough to state that you simply are better–show instead of tell!

WHAT results do people get by working with you?

The most important question in a buyer’s mind is always “What’s in it for ME?”. Understanding your customers’ problems, challenges, and motivations helps you answer this question and sharpens your messaging to make your website even more effective. Whether it’s to save them money, give them a better experience, save them time, or minimize their risks, an effective WHAT can make your website visitors trusting of what you represent.

Your website’s content and messaging are key to accelerating your business’ growth in 2017. People are likely to spend more time exploring websites they like. So the next time you consider a website redesign, make sure that it is clearly differentiated and free of invisible words. You will find out that it can be the start of a longer relationship!

Looking for more about how to differentiate and win big against clients? Check out our YouTube video for the answers!

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