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How to Create Memorable B2B Ads

Ads. Ads. Ads. They are everywhere you turn. On your computer screen, smartphone, the billboards on the way to work, the magazine in the waiting room, the radio in your car. Most of this stuff gets filtered out as irrelevant. In fact, researchers at the Stockholm Brain Institute have found that activity in the basal ganglia (lizard brain) in concert with the pre-frontal cortex (thinking mind) is what gives humans the ability to do this.(1) That means if you want to get past the spam filter and into your buyer’s mental “inbox”, you must appeal to them on an instinctive, emotional level and follow up with a message that makes sense. How can you use this knowledge to create an impression that sticks?

Say NO! to Boring

If you think there is nothing interesting or intriguing to say about your product, the battle is already lost. Trust me when I say this: EVERY B2B PRODUCT WORTH BUYING IS INTERESTING. We know because we work with companies like yours every day. Finding that angle that makes a product fascinating is what we help clients do. As you start brainstorming, it’s time to fall in love with your product all over again. That’s how you rediscover the spark that will make your ad alluring.

Don’t Jump the Gun with Your Expectations

Repeat after me: Ads do NOT SELL. Period. When you display an ad, you aren’t asking your prospects to marry your product—or even go on a first date. At this stage in the Buyer’s Journey, they are just becoming aware of your brand. That means all you are seeking is that second, lingering glance from across the room. To be the face they remember from the crowd, you MUST determine what makes your product attractive to your specific buyers. It’s not about features or specs. It’s about figuring out exactly what it is that helps meet their needs, stop their pain, and fulfill their desires.

Dig deep to develop an accurate Buyer Persona before you even consider headlines, images, copy, or distribution platforms. If you have already created personas but haven’t revisited them recently, do it before you spend money on your next ad campaign! According to research by Cintell, “65% of companies who exceed lead and revenue goals have updated their Personas within the last 6 months.” (2)

Get What You Want. What you really, really want.

An ad can be wonderfully creative but a complete failure if it doesn’t serve a purpose—driving the action that you want the viewer to take. Once you know who your buyer is and what matters to them, it’s time to figure out what you want them to do when they interact with your ad. Since this stage is all about stirring up excitement and generating interest, focusing on a simple next step like downloading a free resource is often suitable. It plays into the tendency people have to reciprocate. When you give something, they are likely to feel an urge to give something back—even if it’s just a few more minutes of their attention. That’s all it takes to move them one step forward in the sales cycle.

Say Yes to Brilliant

You know the buyer’s mind and heart. You know what action you want them to take. It’s time to create a high impact ad that grabs the eyeballs and won’t let go. First, determine the emotional response you want to instigate. Is it heart stirring passion? A sudden burst of laughter? Righteous indignation? Gripping curiosity that must be satisfied? Be bold in your choices here. Most B2B companies are taking the boring and ineffective route, so you have a real shot at changing the game for your industry when you take the risk of being human with your ads.

The design decisions you make, from color and imagery to words and layout should all work in concert to evoke the chosen emotional response and result in your desired action. Here are a few quick tips to consider:

  • Every color has an emotional corollary. Match the colors in your ad to the feeling you want the buyer to experience.
  • People relate to images of people more than anything else. Whenever possible, feature human beings in your ad.
  • Be ruthless with your word choice. Expect that viewers may only take in half a dozen words when they scan your ad. You MUST MAKE THEM COUNT!
  • Use persuasion techniques like social proof and reciprocity to your advantage in how you craft your message.

That’s just a tiny taste of the process of creating a brilliant ad. There’s much more to learn—and it’s a fascinating journey. Download our FREE “6 Steps to Building an Amazing Ad” worksheet below.

Need some assistance figuring out this ad stuff? We’re excited to be a part of your next ad campaign and help make it a masterpiece. CLICK HERE to contact a Blender strategist today for a FREE 20-minute consultation.




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