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The average office worker receives more than 120 emails per day. While some emails manage to stand out in the crowded inbox, others are simply too bland to deserve our time and attention.

Email marketing is alive and well in the B2B world, but your content must capture people’s interest and get them to act. Consider these email marketing tips to reach your business goals:


1. Address their concerns.

Know your audience and serve them, don’t sell them. Get to know their interests, pain points or goals, and tie your message to these concerns to make it personal. A generic sales approach will deliver your email straight to the Trash folder. But if you appeal to the readers’ emotions by addressing their concerns, you can build real rapport, which is key in any lead generating initiative.

2. State your main point and what’s in it for them.

People are so overwhelmed by emails that you need to establish RELEVANCE quickly. This is closely related to number 1. Tell them what’s in it for them. Professionals are simply too busy to work their way around cryptic messaging, so it is your job to explain why you’re reaching out and what’s in it for them. It makes things easier.

3. Use bullet points for supporting information.

Studies by different email marketing services showed that the majority of people skim for information instead of read it word for word. In fact, according to EmailLabs, the average email open time is only between 15 to 20 seconds. Bulleted lists can be your lifeline. Simpler, shorter sentences get the better response rates.

4. Include proof of your main point.

“A case is only as strong as its evidence.” The same thing applies for email marketing. Your content becomes more credible when you include proof or cite examples. Emotion captures attention and interest, while proof removes fear.

5. Clearly state your request.

What do you want the reader to do? Is there a clear call to action? If you used the tips above and your message is resonating, you must clearly articulate what you want from your email recipients. Adding a great call to action often results in a significant and immediate boost to your conversion rates and your sales volume.

6. Write a killer subject line.

People often don’t take enough time to write a great subject line, but this is where the decision is made. According to MailChimp, “the best email subject lines are usually short, descriptive, and provide the recipient with a reason to open your email”. Take a look at magazine cover headlines for inspiration. They are genius at crafting short statements that draw people in.

Email is a critical component of the B2B marketing playbook. Not every prospect is ready to make a purchase today, so nurturing those leads and staying top of mind to encourage referrals is a necessity.

Ready to stop boring your readers? We have created a cheat sheet with a summary of the process, a checklist and bonus email marketing tips.

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