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Many CEOs and business owners have seen their workload become overwhelming over time. Priorities such as marketing tend to be placed on the back burner, resulting in unmet goals and decreased profitability. We have already discussed why hiring a marketing agency can help you sharpen your message and achieve your overall sales goals, but we have yet to outline when it’s finally time to make your new hire. Enlisting help for the different marketing activities that require full attention and strategic mastery could give your business a much needed boost. Here are five telltale signs you need to hire a marketing agency:


1. Lack of expertise.

Do you feel that your company’s messaging does not resonate with your target audience? Or your in-house team lacks online marketing strategies to bring attention to your products or services? You might as well consider getting outside support to produce the results you want and need. Having limited knowledge and skills when it comes to a specific job is not really bad. Being able to acknowledge this, means you know your limitations as a company and you are willing to make necessary changes to meet your goals.

2. Your in-house team is seriously overworked.

When your in-house marketing team is overwhelmed with a variety of tasks, their talents get stretched thinner and thinner. The stress can also manifest itself in a half-hearted approach to decision-making and underwhelming performance whether in lead generation, internet marketing, B2B trade show marketing and the like. This can be helped by transferring some of the tasks to an agency to make sure your in-house team is focused on their core competencies.

3. Sales are falling flat and you’re losing money.

If your sales figures are stagnant or decreasing, one of the reasons could be your lackluster marketing. Your sales team should get the marketing support it needs to stay on target and effectively convert inquiries into sales. A reputable marketing agency will be able to map out the right plan for you and provide a unique, transformational approach of aligning your marketing with the sales conversation.

4. You cannot identify what’s working and what’s not.

Analyzing your strengths and weaknesses as a company is instrumental in goal achievement. If you can’t figure out what inbound marketing initiative is driving leads for your business, what’s the best design for your business to get maximum interest at your trade shows, or why you are not getting ROI for your social media marketing, you need an agency to provide the answers for you. This saves you from spending a considerable amount of time and resources in activities that are simply not cost-effective.

5. Your competitor already has a marketing agency.

By hiring a marketing agency, your competitor has already gained a significant advantage over your company. New people bring fresh perspectives that are pivotal in addressing your immediate sales and marketing challenges. In addition, the right agency can also turn your messaging, branding and promotion upside down. If you want to stay ahead of competition, hiring a marketing agency that understands your needs and business environment will prove to be strategic. These signs indicate the need for a streamlined marketing that sells and resonates. If you are like many of our clients when we first met them, your marketing process might be more of chaos than clarity. Let us set you up for success by using your real-world sales cycle as a map and examining the psychological motivations of your B2B buyer!

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