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Our Fractional Chief Marketing Officers are here to shed light on the challenges of hiring great marketers and how to avoid marketing friction within your organization. In the world of marketing, there’s nothing more frustrating for both the leadership team and marketers themselves than when a marketer is not set up for success. This issue often begins with the hiring process and the job description. In this discussion, we aim to explore why it’s so challenging to hire a great marketer and how to achieve great outcomes.

The Unreasonable Job Descriptions for a Marketer

One common problem in the hiring process is the unrealistic job descriptions for marketing roles. Often, these descriptions read like a wish list, expecting marketers to excel in every aspect of the business without clear structure. This approach is not reasonable and sets marketers up for failure. Even experienced CMOs have their areas of expertise and weaknesses. Recognizing the need for a more balanced and realistic job description is the first step in avoiding marketing friction.

The Myth of the Marketing Unicorn

It’s crucial to acknowledge that there’s no such thing as a marketing unicorn – a single marketer who can do it all. Even seasoned marketers have their strengths and weaknesses, and trying to hire for a mythical, all-encompassing skill set is a futile endeavor. Instead, focus on defining the specific skills and expertise your business requires and seek candidates who match those criteria.

Interviewing a Marketer: The Hidden Challenge

One hidden challenge in hiring marketers is that they are naturally adept at communication. Marketers excel in interviews, making it challenging to distinguish between great and not-so-great marketers based solely on their communication skills. Therefore, it’s essential to look beyond the surface and evaluate their true marketing capabilities to ensure they can deliver the results your business needs.

Finding the Right Marketer: Defining Your Needs

Before you start the hiring process, it’s vital to understand the type of marketer your business requires. This understanding will help you define the right job description and set up your marketing team for success. Let’s explore different types of marketers based on the problems they can solve for your business:

1. The Marketing Strategist

If your business lacks a marketing strategy or struggles to align marketing with revenue goals, you need a marketing strategist. This executive-level marketer can set the strategic direction, align marketing and sales, and establish the necessary systems for long-term success.

2. The Tactical Generalist

The tactical generalist is the “doer” in your marketing team. They execute tasks effectively and understand what’s needed to move your marketing efforts forward. This role is often the first hire for sales-led organizations. However, be clear about the tasks and skills required, as even generalists have limitations.

3. The Execution Specialist

For specific marketing functions like graphic design, data analysis, or paid advertising, consider hiring execution specialists with expertise in those areas. These specialists excel in their designated domains and can supplement your team’s skill set.

4. The Communication Master

Marketers are inherently skilled in communication, which makes it challenging to differentiate during interviews. However, effective communication alone doesn’t guarantee marketing success. Look for marketers who can articulate how their communication skills translate into tangible results for your business.

Set Your Marketers Up for Success

To avoid marketing friction and frustration, start with a realistic job description that matches your business needs. Understand the type of marketer you require and the specific skills they should bring to the table. Shared accountability in the hiring process is key to building a successful marketing team that can drive sustainable results for your company.

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Hiring the right marketer is a crucial step in achieving your marketing goals and preventing friction in your marketing efforts. Make informed decisions, set clear expectations, and build a marketing team that aligns with your business objectives.

Conclusion: You Can Find the Right Marketer with Some Help

Hiring the right marketer is a pivotal decision for any business, and it can significantly impact the success of your marketing efforts. Marketing friction and frustration often stem from unrealistic job descriptions and misaligned expectations. By understanding the type of marketer your business needs and setting clear criteria, you can mitigate these challenges and create a marketing team that drives sustainable results.

Remember that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution in marketing. Rather than seeking a marketing unicorn, focus on finding candidates with the specific skills and expertise that match your business requirements. Shared accountability in the hiring process, along with a realistic job description, is the key to avoiding marketing friction and setting your marketers up for success.

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