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Increase Your B2B Sales Revenue FAST:

Increasing sales revenue is perhaps the most important activity for any business. A steady revenue stream allows your company to expand, hire more employees, and be in a position to help more customers with your product or service. Although we normally look to sales teams when it comes to revenue generation, there are key marketing strategies that can leverage your existing efforts and improve sales. These strategies take your real-world sales cycle into perspective and follow the psychology of the B2B decision-maker. You’ll be surprised how much revenue you can generate in the process!


Here are 6 methods to quickly increase your revenue:

(1.) Learn how to stand out and tell your truth.

If you are wondering how to increase sales revenue and achieve your pipeline goals for this year, evaluate your brand and message. What sets you apart? Great branding increases revenue, because perception is reality. Branding walks the walk and helps you to build trust faster.

Do you stand out from the competition? Branding in the B2B world is your response to this challenge. A gorgeous visual representation of your company magnifies a clearly differentiated story. Your logo, website, packaging, service, and marketing materials are all a part of a unified brand experience for your customer. When you are consistent in your brand strategy, customers believe you will be consistent in the delivery of your product. This, in effect, creates a value that far exceeds your physical value—the assurance of satisfaction as perceived by your customers.

(2.) Get the “wow” factor.

How do you respond when a qualified prospect asks the question, ““What’s in it for me?” Sales messaging and presentation is about crafting an insightful message aimed at the heart of your prospect’s pain or goal. Planning and insight into your key Buyer Personas is critical, which is where marketing can help. B2B salespeople often get in a rut communicating messages that don’t resonate with their target audience, because selling features and benefits is more comfortable than handling objections or educating the audience. To set your business up for success, you must craft compelling sales content that speaks to the heart of your prospects’ problems, and prompts them into action. A flat message can cost you your best negotiating position. However, when the message and visual presentation has been given proper preparation, one amazing presentation that your whole team can be trained on can transform your closing ratios.

(3.) Build the human relationship online and turn interest into inquiry.

Your website is the face of your business. It’s an intrinsic part of customer nurturing that leads to sales. However, no matter how impressive you were during the sales presentation, an underwhelming website can sabotage all your connecting efforts. Your prospects might ask, “Where did all the promise of amazing things go?” Today’s buyers move back and forth between the digital world and your sales team to inform their decision. You must use your website to engage prospects and establish your reputation in the online world. Create consistency in the message the buyer hears and optimize your website for search visibility and lead generation. A website can effectively turn interest into inquiry. It becomes less of a cost and more of an investment.

(4.) Heighten your visibility online.

Research shows that B2B buyers are 2/3 of the way through the decision process before engaging a salesperson. Unlike before, most of their buying research is now done digitally. By adopting a well-planned content marketing strategy, you can enter into this digital research phase and position your business in front of your prospects. By providing valuable information and answers to your audience in the places they are looking, you are able to build a relationship based on trust and credibility. Whether through blogs, website content, or social media, you have the power to educate your buyer and influence their buying decisions long before the conventional sales cycle begins. Content marketing helps shoulder the burden of lead generation and helps move your sales team into more closing activity, instead of prospecting.

(5.) Get more brand recognition in the real world.

Are you spending money on advertising and publicity? Adding more creativity to your ads and linking them to a more complete strategy both online and offline can dramatically improve your ROI. For companies who wish to compete on a global scale (e.g. manufacturers), advertising marketing strategies are necessary to increase your visibility and strengthen your brand. The good news for you is that most ads created today simply add to the noise. Stand out by creating interesting ads that spotlight your customer’s pain or goals to pique their curiosity. Then, couple your intriguing ad with PR for third party, unpaid endorsement to build legitimacy. Finally, include online ads, landing pages, and distribute your media appearances through social media. Whether you are considering online advertising, publicity, or advertising in trade publications, you can get favorable results with a message that is tailored around your audience’s needs.

(6.) Set the stage for new business.

Participating in a trade show is a great way to meet prospects and drive sales conversations, but we rarely see the proper pre-show and post-show promotion necessary to maximize ROI. Every trade show should result in a better prospect list. Because trade shows generally focus on a niche market, you can prepare a campaign addressing the audience’s specific needs via email, direct mail or social media immediately after the show.

Want a few more ideas to grow your revenue using trade shows?

  • Reach out to prospects before the show to schedule meetings at your booth or over a meal.
  • Anticipate questions and script out possible introductions to better engage visitors to your booth.
  • Align your promotional items with your messaging to create more memorable conversations.
  • Put sales materials on iPads so your team working the booth can easily access information during conversations (and save you money on printing and shipping).

Let these marketing strategies guide your efforts at each stage of your business. The B2B world may be complicated, but aligning your marketing with sales in the details can and will help you achieve your growth goals.

At The Marketing Blender, we map out the right plan for you by assessing your current efforts, your sales cycle, your goals and your needs.

We offer a free 20-minute phone assessment to identify areas where marketing can increase your revenue.


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