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You are competing to be the best, right? Of course you are, but your bias to be the best might be hurting your marketing strategy and B2B sales messaging.

While striving to be the best is a noble goal and platform, when it invades your B2B sales and marketing message, you choose to play by someone else’s rules. You eliminate the opportunity to be truly differentiated, because you are too focused on comparison.

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In B2B marketing, there must be substance behind your brand and differentiator. You must communicate a truly unique message that compels a prospect to consider you. Great messaging must draw from how and why you do what you do.

So how can you tell if you are making this “better vs. best” mistake? From a marketing standpoint, stop the dependence on words like “quality” or “customer service”. Those words are not differentiators. Even if your operational systems have carved a truly different way to deliver quality or customer service, you are watering down your potency by using those words.


   Hint: These words should be off your list, too.

I heard Michael Porter of Harvard Business School explain it this way: “Many managers confuse operational effectiveness with strategy,”  and he is absolutely correct. If you can only state that you are better, as opposed to how you are able to be better, your target market may not believe you. If you want to stand out, you need to be different and specific.

So how do you find the right words if “quality” and “customer service” are off the list?

First, focus on what your prospects’ pain points are instead of your operational output.

Second, ask yourself what specifically makes you better at handling your clients’ pain points. Do you have a different structure, system, philosophy that your competition does not have? Convey the real story behind why you are great.

A killer marketing and messaging strategy exists where your truth intersects with your audience’s truth.

Want to know more? Check out this slide show about the Five Marketing Mistakes that could be killing your sales funnel. You will find strategy tips for developing marketing that will drive sales.

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It’s time for your marketing and sales efforts to work together.

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