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Jim, the buyer you are working with, has a secret agenda. Sure, he wants to get maximum quality at the minimum price, but you know something else is driving his decision. To move Jim forward, you need to know what is the carrot or stick Jim cares about and that is his buyer motivation.

Buyer Motivation

Buyer Motivation: Goals, Fears & Challenges

Broadly speaking, there are two main types: positive and negative.

Goal Attainment or Pleasure (GAP)

  • To get promoted or be recognized as amazing at their job
  • To streamline the process and not get bogged down
  • To hit a number or stay under a budget
  • To provide a unique solution that positions them better with their clients
  • To drive towards an internal benchmark set by the boss
  • Collaboration: know the full scope of the DM team and process
  • To enjoy his job
    • Connect with a bigger vision
    • To be inspired
    • To play (delight)

Loss Aversion or Pain Avoidance (LAPA)

  • Stability: lower levels of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs
  • To avoid getting fired
  • New at job and needs to learn and get up to speed
  • To avoid too much effort because of other stress factors
  • To not get bogged down

So how can you use this insight?

What should be your approach, bearing in mind these possible Goal Attainment or Loss Aversion motives? How do you tailor your messaging strategy to address these hidden motives and move your prospect further along the path to a purchase decision in your favor?

If the secret aim is on the GAP list, then your approach should be:

  • Delight
  • Play
  • Customization

If instead you are facing LAPA, then you should lead with one of these:

  • Social proof or influence
  • Familiarity
  • Security
  • Concerns: economics, risk, compliance, strategy, politics

How does this work in practice?

Once you identify the hidden motivation, you can apply the appropriate messaging approach. Consider the emotion that accompanies your prospect’s agenda and adjust your tone accordingly.

Once you know and have mapped the pathway to the final decision, you need to provide information that either moves them closer to a purchase decision themselves, or gives them ammunition they can use to convince other decision makers.

Remember that this is not really a buying decision; it’s a business decision! It may affect their reputation, their goals and what they are measured on, their company’s goals, and their career at large.

So it’s a question of figuring out what really makes Jim tick and what his hidden motivations are. That’s the key to successful messaging. That’s the key to converting Jim from skeptical prospect into trusting customer.

Drive the conversation to improve buyer motivation.

Uncover the hidden buyer motives that drive your prospects. Help the sales conversation and improve your marketing approach. Understand the psychology of your buyer, which is at the heart of creating great content online and changing the conversation around your product or service.

Even if your prospect’s name isn’t Jim, but Jane or Archibald, the rules governing human behavior still apply. By talking to the right buyer persona, by understand all the motives and agendas at play, you’ll have the key to great sales and business success.

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