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The Marketing Blender is proud to be a certified Women’s Business Enterprise.

Partnering with a certified woman-owned business yields several financial and morale-boosting advantages for B2B companies. According to the National Women Business Owners Corporation (NWBOC), women-owned businesses represent the fastest-growing segment of the American economy.

NWBOC-Women Business Enterprise

The Marketing Blender is proud to be a NWBOC-certified Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE). Earning this certification is no small feat. The application and verification process is lengthy and rigorous because it is such a highly valued certification.

The NWBOC was the first national certifier of WBEs. Their high standards validate that a private, for-profit company is truly owned and controlled by a woman. As required by law, a WBE must be at least 51 percent owned, controlled, operated, and managed by a woman or women. This certification ensures that a woman-owned business qualifies as a diversity business program supplier.

So, why is partnering with a certified WBE important? Here are three B2B benefits of working with a WBE certified by NWBOC.

 1. Creates eligibility for tax incentives

Working with a certified WBE can provide your company with eligibility for tax benefits. The federal government offers tax incentives to companies that conduct business with minority- and women-owned businesses. Additionally, tax liabilities may be reduced for projects funded using federal and state grants or loans if the supplier is a woman-owned business. Tax incentives may also be available at the state level. (Be sure to check with your tax attorney and CPA for details and be sure you take full advantage of all available incentives.)

2. Fosters innovation

Research shows that diverse teams produce more creative results than teams that have members who all come from a similar background. At a fundamental level, creativity is a mental process in which two or more pieces of information come together to generate a new idea. So, bringing different viewpoints and experiences to the table will add insight into your usual processes and ways of looking at your business challenges.

3. Opens opportunities to serve broader markets

Working with a certified woman-owned business demonstrates your company’s commitment to fueling economic growth across diverse markets. By supporting supplier diversity, your business becomes more attractive to corporations who have procurement policies that reward second-tier sourcing suppliers that work with women-owned businesses.

These financial, creative, and growth benefits are why The Marketing Blender is proud to be a Women’s Business Enterprise certified by the National Women Business Owners Corporation.

The Marketing Blender is a full-service B2B marketing agency focused on accelerating growth for clients in manufacturing, healthcare, software, and professional services.

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