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Want to create the kind of B2B messaging framework will drive real business results? To nail this down, you have to know what to measure and why. When you’re focused on making a sale, talk is not cheap. Every word matters. But most B2B companies make the mistake of talking about themselves. They skip what their potential customers worry and care about and jump right to the features that make their solution the best.

Instead, you should structure your pitch to parallel the way the brain filters and prioritizes information. That’s why a strong brand messaging framework is so important. Often called a B2B messaging architecture or a B2B messaging playbook, it is the most compelling language you can use to sell.

Messaging Framework B2b

Make the right steps along the buyer’s journey.

The B2B buyer’s journey is the entire process prospects go through to become aware of, consider, and decide to purchase a product or service. We help our clients move prospects through the awareness, consideration and decision phase of the B2B buyers journey by delivering the right message at the right time.

We have developed a proven structure for writing a B2B messaging framework that aligns your marketing to your sales efforts. We refer to it as your messaging choreography. Because every conversation you have with a prospect is a dance—and you’re the one leading them to buy.

The Blender Messaging Choreography and B2B Messaging Framework


Make them feel the emotional pain of their current situation

The pain of the current status quo must be worse than the pain and cost of change. It’s critical to remind them how difficult the status quo can be. Assess their current challenges and demonstrate they are not alone by giving examples from other clients and ask, “Is this what you are seeing?” Create urgency and connect via empathy (i.e., “We know how you feel and there is a way out.”) Remember: no pain, no change.

Uncover how pain flows through their organization

Problems that occur in one area will impact people in other departments and teams, often resulting in a host of issues. The deeper the pain is felt and openly acknowledged, the more the urgency they will have to buy. Uncover the full extent of the problem.


Reframe the buying criteria

When you can provide a new way to look at the current problem, you change the paradigm the buyer uses to make a final decision. It sets you apart and “tees up” your differentiation message. Teach the clients about themselves and reframe the problem. Get them to think, “Huh, I never thought of it like that before.” This is a pivotal point in your B2B messaging framework.


Prove your reframing through story and data

Stories are 22 times more memorable than facts. Stories transform pain and conflict into a desirable outcome and help the prospect personalize your message. When supported with industry data or trends, the impact of your message becomes even more profound. Resonate and be memorable.


Tailor your selling message to their priorities

Having the discipline to save your value proposition until the end makes the prospect more curious and attentive. Plus, you can adapt their reactions and feedback to customize your message to their specific concerns. Curiosity will have led the audience to your differentiators.

Need a partner to help master the steps in your B2B messaging framework?

Every move is smoother when you have someone guide you. We offer a collaborative series of workshops that take your team through the entire process of creating a winning B2B marketing strategy—including writing an unbeatable B2B messaging framework. To see how a workshop can transform your marketing and sales, review this summary.

Watch the video below to learn how to build B2B messaging that grab everyones attention!

Blender is a full-service B2B marketing agency focused on accelerating growth for clients in manufacturing, healthcare, software and professional services. If you have any questions, we’re here to help.

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