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Ever wondered how a marketing company markets themselves?

Would you like to see major growth this year? We want to share some of our personal efforts for achieving measurable and fast growth, so you can think on how this applies to you. And trust me, it does apply to you. So many companies don’t go the distance with marketing, yet this approach is what we have used to help grow a $5 Million company, a $50 Million company, and a $350 Million company. So here you have them, our tips on marketing ROI!

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Well, it’s critical to know we always follow a deliberate, 3-step process to grow. You can think of it as marketing maturity. (If you skip a step, you will lose massive amounts of money, not to mention waste valuable time and resources on lost or unqualified leads.)

Phase 1, the infancy phase, was where we built the strategy, messaging, buyer personas and brand to clearly tell the market how we help. The point of this is to avoid losing great sales opportunities. We have our base now, so in 2017 we are focusing on the second phase.

Phase 2 can be considered marketing adolescence; it’s all about ROI and aligning with the sales cycle. Now that we know we are not making any major missteps, how can we take our current business development efforts and maximize the number of new clients we close? At the risk of oversimplifying, we are laser focused on CONVERSION and putting processes in place to raise the bar, increase the results, and eventually scale our efforts.

Here is what our core plan for this phase looks like:

  1. Outline and script the 8 prospecting touches of our sales cycle, overlay that with alluring marketing tools and campaigns, and go after our target list with intensity, passion and discipline to CONVERT them to clients.
  2. Strengthen the digital pathways for our prospects. This means we improved our website. (Not redesigned it, but made changes to increase inquiries and content downloads.) Putting out focused content serves our market, building trust while building our email list of warm leads. We are building a list of interested buyers to nurture them until they are ready to convert to paid client status.
  3. Measure conversion, iterate to increase conversion, rinse, repeat.

Finally, in phase 3, marketing maturation, it is time to reach the masses. This is advertising and PR, plain and simple. By the time we increase our advertising spend and implement a PR initiative, we will know from phase one and two that our message, digital strategy, off-the-screen campaigns, and sales efforts are in lock step and are providing the highest probability of a close. (We intend to move into this phase by 2018.) The three phases then become a closed loop of continuous improvement related to sales growth.

So many companies believe they crossed the finish line at the end of phase 1. Launching a new brand feels good, and they make the mistake of never moving to a place where marketing can propel sales. In most B2B engagements, it takes a human to close the deal, so we are building a marketing machine that helps our strategists to spend more time serving prospects and clients, instead of searching for them.

The Blender mission is to create a domino effect of positivity and prosperity in the business world for our people, our clients and their clients.  In that vein, we have added services to strengthen phase 2 for our clients (to get better metrics, more accountability, and more ROI). We want to help you find such great results that you can’t imagine wanting to go to market without us.

Read our website white paper below and find out more.

If you are ready for your marketing to DRIVE SALES, contact a Blender Marketing Strategist to talk about your growth goals and plans, and let’s see what steps can be taken to accelerate your results.

Remember, sustainable growth doesn’t happen through a handful of brilliant ideas, but by combining brilliant ideas with consistent effort, focus and discipline.

So much B2B marketing is bland and simply does not go the distance. This means there is insane opportunity for you to influence and dominate your market. I just hope you step into that gap before your competitors do.

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