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6 questions to ask yourself before you hit send on your next email

Communication in business has gotten more complicated with the rise of texting, instant messaging, and project management platforms. We’re drowning in a sea of notifications.

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But a well-written, thoughtful email still has the power to move projects and relationships forward.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of emails are poorly written and barely given much thought at all. That’s why we created a cheat sheet for writing insanely effective emails. It maps out a simple process for communicating clearly and getting results. It will transform your work, whether you’re writing an email one-on-one, to a group of coworkers, or as part of your b2b email marketing campaigns.

To make writing great emails even easier, here are six questions you should ask yourself before you hit send.

  1. What do I want?

    What is the point of this email? Get to it. The first sentence should say why you’re writing and what outcome is needed.

  1. Does this email cover one thing and one thing only?

    Keeping your email focused on one single topic will help the reader stay focused, too. And it’s more likely you’ll get the response you want.

  2. Did I get lost in the weeds?

    Keep it short. Finish your first draft, then cut it by 30%. Then go back and trim some more. The longer the email, the less likely      someone is to read it. If you need to convey more information, you shouldn’t be putting it in an email.

  1. Is this boring?

    What’s interesting about your email? If it contains valuable information, state it succinctly up front. Include a stat or even a funny GIF to keep them reading.

  2. Is it full of crap?

    Forget flowery language. And remember to spell check. Typos and bad grammar are distractions.

  1. Would I even open this email?

    Take the time to craft a good subject line. Be clear about the topic, but be a bit intriguing. Give them a reason to read it. Remember, you’re just one click away from the junk folder.

Make every email you send more effective at getting the results you want—all you need is a simple-to-follow cheat sheet.

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